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Goldedge & Silveredge collection with 9 products
Goldedge & Silveredge 9 products 1 Like  
Salt & Pepper Sets collection with 12 products
Salt & Pepper Sets 12 products    
Decor collection with 56 products
Decor 56 products    
Evergreen collection with 4 products
Evergreen 4 products 1 Like  
Firestorm collection with 11 products
Firestorm 11 products    
Galaxy collection with 14 products
Galaxy 14 products    
Glass Metallica collection with 10 products
Glass Metallica 10 products    
Goldedge & Silveredge Serve Ware collection with 12 products
Goldedge & Silveredge Serve Ware 12 products Best Seller    
Holiday Ornaments collection with 34 products
Holiday Ornaments 34 products 1 Like  
Lexington collection with 9 products
Lexington 9 products    
Serveware collection with 37 products
Serveware 37 products    
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Jack Badash entered the Gift Industry as a shipping clerk in 1936. Nine years later, after moving up the ranks and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge, he formed 'Javit Badash Inc.', the predecessor to Badash Crystal. Badash became known among buyers for his American made hand-cut and machine-cut tumblers, stemware, gifts, and vases. The ...... Read More