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Playfully irreverent high fashion design and a classically chic aesthetic, Phillips House designers Lisa Phillips Frankel & Danielle Frankel Nemiroff have paved the way for a new category of fine jewelry. Phillips House has expanded into top retailers across the world, graced the pages of nearly every magazine to note -- including the famed cover of Women’s Wear Daily -- and landed on the steps of Buckingham Palace as the sole jewelry designer worn by the former First Lady to her historic meeting with the Queen of England and Kate Middleton.

Lisa began designing as a child in Newton, Massachusetts, winning countless awards and recognition. Inspired by a passion for classic architectural design, Lisa narrowed her creative focus to jewelry following her move to Miami Beach, and the birth of her daughter, Danielle. Born with a natural penchant for the arts, Danielle devoted herself to the art of ballet, gaining acceptance to prestigious ballet programs around the country. All of her idle time was spent studying the world of fashion and it quickly became clear that she had an uncanny eye. The two began designing jewelry together for close friends, charitable and social organizations. Word spread and they opened a showroom in Miami Beach in 2007, creating custom pieces for private clients under the company name Phillips Frankel.

By 2009, the pair had been receiving requests from around the country and decided to spend a year honing the Phillips Frankel designs for public release. Lisa and Danielle released a capsule collection in April, 2010. Within a week of the launch, they landed on the cover of legendary fashion publication Women's Wear Daily (Ring It On, April 26, 2010), the first time WWD put still-life jewelry on the cover in over seven years.

Over the next three years, Lisa and Danielle launched the Phillips House brand, and expanded their collections into top independent retailers around the country and with Saks Fifth Avenue. The brand and its two designers have appeared on the covers and pages of nearly every magazine of note, on top celebrities and models, and, most importantly, on sophisticated women throughout the world.

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