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About Bungalow LA

Founded by Los Angeles native, Monica Thomas, Bungalow LA offers chic-yet-functional pieces for the sophisticated woman. The brand's signature "Palisades Hat" combines the ladylike look of a sunhat with a practical utility that makes it a "go anywhere" accessory. The collection is perfect for the woman that spends much of her time outdoors with family and friends - from seaside vacations to Little League games - and embodies an elegant look and feel, no matter what the occasion.

Bungalow LA was inspired by Monica's paternal grandmother, an American film actress, and her maternal grandmother, a Central American fashionista and tennis champion, who both exuded the style and grace that now define the brand.

It was through the encouragement of her mother -another woman who effortlessly merges elegance with her love for the outdoors -that Monica was inspired to create basics that are high-quality, stylish and simple. The collection's current offering of sun visor hats and dresses will soon be joined by a line of multi-purpose blankets that further compliment the luxe outdoor lifestyle.